Film Commission

Nagasaki Film & Media Commission

“We support the shooting of a movie, a TV drama, etc. which made Nagasaki Prefecture the stage, and send various charm of Nagasaki.”

The peculiar culture which Nagasaki Prefecture prospered as an only window of the national isolation age and southern barbarian trade, and was cherished by the long history of the exchange with overseas is one of the charms. The building and rows of houses which leave the influence even now exist.

In addition, Nagasaki Prefecture is blessed with the beautiful natural scene which changes a figure variously by all seasons, or the scenic spot is so far the stage of many works. We, Nagasaki Film & Media Commission, is waiting for your shooting, with the attractive scenery and attractive building of Nagasaki Prefecture can be utilized as a location ground, with warm correspondence and service.

Our Main Services

*The consultation receptionist about shooting

*Various information offers about shooting

*Cooperation and adjustment about shooting permission

c/o Nagasaki Prefectural Tourist Federation, 3-1 Onoue-machi Nagasaki, Nagasaki Prefecture, 850-8570


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